Planning a Puerto Rico Surf Vacation

We came to Puerto Rico because we wanted to surf, but we didn't realize how many great surfing breaks existed on this island until after living here and exploring.  If you are planning a Puerto Rico surfing vacation, think about how many days you will be here and how much driving are you willing to do.  Rincon has so many guest houses and hotels as well as great surfing beaches so it is the most popular spot, but Isabela and Aguadilla are great options.  I definitely suggest spending some time in all three towns. 

The drive between the 3 towns is about 40 minutes, so day trips from one area to another are easy and worthwhile.  But staying in Aguadilla or Isabela is a different experience than Rincon, try a few days each of these towns and you may decide you prefer one over the other. 

On this website we have listings for lodging, surf schools and board rentals from all 3 towns.  We know all of people who have listed on this site and wouldn't recommend them unless we felt they represented the best of PR.  Feel free to contact me for more info about the west coast of PR.

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    David (Tuesday, 11 December 2012 08:45)

    I was going to travel to PR in March for a few months and was hoping you might have some good recommendations for...

    1. Lodging (guest house preferred/cheapest option)
    2. possible job opportunities (short-term)

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    Casa Isabel, Rincon Vacation Rental & Guest House (Tuesday, 11 December 2012)

    Hi David, regarding housing, if you are planning on staying a few months, I would get a cheap place for about a week and make some contacts in town about more long term options. The end of March marks the end of the surf season so there sill be places coming available. Are you thinking Rincon? plenty of cheap places starting at $65/night, also maybe the Rincon Inn is a good fit, really low prices, but nice and plenty of opportunity to get to know people in the town. Have fun!

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    Vanessa (Thursday, 04 December 2014 12:12)

    Hi, could you recommend a place/area to stay where I could walk to fun surf and make my home break for 6 days? Maybe uncrowded point break? Not sure that exists? Something mellow, I'll be there December... Thanks!


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