Surfer's, Beach, Aguadilla,
photo by Jim Crotty

Surfer's Beach - Good for all surfing levels. From Ramey Air Base on Rt. 107, turn on Cliff Road and pass Surf Zone, turn left at the metal gate at the end of the road, drive down the hill and at the and there is a parking lot.  Consistent long rights and short left breaks.  Breaks on Northwest or northeast swell and southeast wind.  Reef bottom, gets a good crowd on the weekends.  GPS - Latitude: 18° 30.408' N Longitude: 67° 8.535' W

Wilderness, beach, aguadilla, surfing
photo by Jim Crotty

Wilderness - Best for experienced surfers. Off Rt. 107 near the golf course, a small access roads cuts through the golf course, follow it down to parking area. Breaks best on northwest or northeast swells and wind from east or northeast.  Flat rock bottom, with fast and powerful rights and lefts.  Weekdays usually light traffic.  Beautiful beach and surroundings, no facilities.  GPS - Latitude: 18° 28.572' N Longitude: 67° 10.154' .  See the Puerto Rico Tourism Co.'s video of Wilderness here.

Gas Chambers -Very experienced surfers only.  On the north side of the pier form Playa Crashboat.  It doesn't break very often, but  heavy when it does.  Reef and rock bottom.  Excellent tubes and power, big crowds on weekends.  GPS - Latitude: 18° 27.591' N Longitude: 67° 9.934' W.  See the Puerto Rico Tourism Co.'s video of gas Chambers here.

Crashboat -Good for all surfing levels.  Popular, well know beach with easy access and signage off Rt. 107.  Walk out on the jetty and jump off into the lineup on the left, fast and fun right break with a sandy bottom.  Breaks best on west or northwest swell, with any wind.  GPS - Latitude: 18° 27.437' N Longitude: 67° 9.856' .  See the Puerto Rico Toursim Co.'s video of Crashboat here.

rompeolas, hole, in, the, wall, aguadilla, surfing
photo by Jim Crotty

Rompeolas -On Rt. 111 at the Aguadilla harbor.  Sandy beach, can get dangerous on big days as point is behind the breakwater.

bridges, aguadilla, surf, spot
photo by Surf 787

Bridges - Good for all surfers.  From Aguadilla, off Rt 107, go right just before the 2 at Rt 111, go down the hill and Bridges is at the bottom.  Right breaking off a point with long, peeling waves. Fun, easy to catch.  Bottom is flat rocks with sand.  GPS - Latitude: 18° 25.551' N Longitude: 67° 9.353' W

schoolyards, aguadilla, surfing
photo by Jim Crotty

Schoolyards - Down the same road from Bridges. Sharp, shallow reef.  Breaks best in west or northwest swell and wind coming anywhere but from the south.

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