Welcome to the Surf Capital of the Caribbean!  Whether you are an experienced surfer or just starting out, a stand up paddleboarder, long board rider or big wave enthusiast,  West Puerto Rico has a beach for you.  From Isabela and Aguadilla to Rincon, the beaches of the west coast hold so many different breaks, so many opportunities for a great day of surfing.  Check out our Puerto Rico Surf Spots Map, Puerto Rico surf forecasts and plan your Puerto Rico surf vacation by visiting our listings of where to surf,  surfboard rentals and gear, surf lessons and surf schools, where to stay and even where to eat and drink when the day is done. 


Surf the West Coast of Puerto Rico and leave your wetsuit behind! 

Rincon, Puerto Rico, surfing, school
photo by A. Cordero
Rompeolas, aguadilla, puerto rico,surfing
photo by J. Crotty
standu up, paddleboard, rincon, puerto rico
photo by J. Westfall

Surf Rincon