Tell Us Your Puerto Rico Surfing Story

We meet so many great people here in Puerto Rico who, like us, have come to surf in warm water and soak up some local flavor.  We, like so many before us decided to stay, others come back year after year and still there are so many who we've met and it's their first time surfing Puerto Rico.  Most tell stories of the cold weather and water back home or hearing about the big surf that comes to Western Puerto Rico every winter.  The old timers speak wistfully of days when there were no big condos or highways and they had the waves to themselves.  The newbies are just stoked to be on the island, finding the best spots and meeting new people.  Everyone has a story to tell and we'd love to hear yours.  Whether you just spent your first surf vacation here or have been doing it for years, tell us about it and send some pictures of your favorite places.  We've created a new Community Page for these stories and pics so check it out to hear about days gone by or some new adventures Surfing West PR!Send stories or pics to