Rincon Food

I get a lot of requests about where to eat, here is the first in a series about Rincon, Aguadilla and Isabela restaurants, food carts and bars.  Rincon has plenty of different types of places with varying prices to match, Buen Provecho Rincon!, is a great dining guide published by Rhea Maxwell of the El Coqui magazine, but I have a few favorties in Rincon and most of them are pretty inexpensive.

EC Bakery, on the way out of town towards Mayaguez has the best coffee con leche I've had in PR, they also make a nice breakfast.  Rock Bottom at Casa Verde has great breakfast burritos and a full bar so that Bloody Mary craving can get fixed and if you want to be more civilized, the English Rose is top notch quality.

Lunch in Rincon  had a serious upgrade since the Pool Bar started making afternoon fish tacos and Ode to the Elephants opened theirs doors to lunch as well.  There's a great Pincho stand at Steps Beach called Steps Quick Lunch and the pinchos at the Club Nautico in the Rincon Marina are huge, cheap and good.

For dinner on the cheap I go to Happy Burger for chicken tacos or Surf Pizza, a truck near the Lazy Parrot that makes a great pie, but Pool Bar sushi is always very good and the Calypso Cafe has great ceviche to go with Happy Hour rum punches. 

So after a nice day in the water be assured you will not have to look far for some great food in Rincon.  Coming next, Aguadilla food....