Our First Surf Session in Puerto Rico

Our first surf session in Rincon was a few days after we moved here.  It was August, but Sandy Beach had some small waves and my wife and I were ready to get in the water.  We had both surfed some before in California, but knew a lesson might help us get on the waves faster.  At the Parking Lots beach just down from Sandy Beach, Carlos from The Boarding House was renting boards and giving surf lessons.  The first few weeks we were here Carlos helped my wife, CC, get used to the break at Parking Lots and Antonios', chose a nice board for her to rent and even got me on a nice big board.  Later when we bought a long board that needed some repairs, he fixed it up for very little.  Almost like he just wanted to share his love of the water and surfing.  It was this introduction to Rincon and the Puerto Rico surf culture that made is so happy to have found this spot on the island.  Carlos and the Boarding House still rent boards and have a surf school as well as a vacation rental, check out their website: www.boardinghousepr.com.